24 Hr Locksmith Of California - False advertising sham

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On Saturday, July 23rd of 2016, I returned home from a flight with my two young grandchildren to discover that my house key was not on it’s ring and we were locked out of my house. I also had no access to my car as the shuttle had dropped us off and it was over 100 degrees outside.

I looked up locksmiths for my town and found one that read “Woodland Locksmith – open 24-7, 15 minute response time. I called and was told they would have a technician call me right away. 15 minutes later, I had a technician call and say he could be there in 25 to 30 minutes…so much for 15 minute response time. 45 minutes later, I called again to be told they would check with the technician.

20 minutes later I called yet again to be told yet again they would check with the technician. The technician called me back and apologized saying he had been caught in traffic and would be there in 15 minutes. Let me pause here to say that I understood this was to be a local locksmith. You could drive the length of my town in 15 minutes no matter what the traffic, and the shuttle had just driven us through town to show there was no heavy traffic.

Another 30 minutes went by before the technician finally arrived. Although the internet add shows professional looking white vans, the technician arrived in what I assume was his own black sports car. When I asked him about advertising 15 minute responses, he mumbled something about a busy weekend. He took 30 seconds to open the lock and told me the charge was $85.

I had been told on the phone it would be a base charge of $19 and a minimum of $35 to open the door, more if it was difficult. Obviously this was not difficult. He would hear none of it and kept saying he had to have $85. Here is where I admit I made a mistake, because I paid him in cash.

He quickly pocketed the money (which was actually $90 because I didn’t have exact change), never wrote me a receipt, and ran out the door. I was very hot and my grandchildren needed water and to cool off after almost 2 hours in the heat, so it was not until the following day that I called and placed a complaint. The gentleman I spoke to was very sympathetic and apologetic and assured me he would get me a refund of the overcharge and have someone come out to fix the lock which I had discovered the technician had broken in the process of letting us in. Two days later when I had heard nothing, I called again.

I spoke to the same gentleman who told me “yeah, yeah, I remember, I’ll call you right back”. The following day, having heard nothing, I called again. This time I got a woman on the line who tried to tell me I had the wrong number. As I had used my phone log to place the call, and had gotten the same “autobot” on the line at the start of the call, I assured her I had the right number.

She then proceeded to tell me they had no record of any service to Woodland and that I was obviously mistaken. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told there was not one available. I told her I would be writing aa letter and posting it anywhere I could to warn others not to use this company, and sarcastically said “Thank You” She answered “You’re Welcome” and hung up.

To me, this is false advertising, as well as completely unprofessional and fraudulent behavior.

Without a receipt, I only have my grandchildren and my phone logs to prove that I ever conducted business with them or I would take them to court.

Do not deal with these people. You cannot believe anything they tell you and they don’t care at all about their clients.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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24 Hr Locksmith Of California - 24 Locksmithing is a SCAM Company. Broke the door & charged $400

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Good afternoon, I was wondering if you did any work that was pro bono? This is a small claim but I'm furious at this company and I'm not sure what avenues I have.

This business dispatched a locksmith to my house when my brother locked himself out of my house while house sitting. The guy busted in my french doors and completely broke the door AND charged $100 for the "service". It cost me $300 to have a contractor come out and replace what the locksmith broke.

I've called the technician directly - SPENCER WALDEN @ 916-706-8785 and he was uncooperative, had no regard for the broken door and unwilling to do anything to resolve the issue.

I called the dispatch company - 24 Locksmithing @ 916-672-2500 & I've been hung up on multiple times, no one is friendly, and the manager is never there to talk to despite being told when he would be in the office.

I called Monday, customer service asked me to email in photos of the damage to invoice@24-7locksmiths.com so I did. I asked for the business license number for the technician and they refused to give it to me & I needed to call back the next day and speak with the manager. I called back the next day & asked directly for the manager - was hung up on 4 times!!!!!! Finally I called and asked for customer service and got directed to them. From there I spoke with Shantell who was rude and unhelpful. She told me I have to call back the next day and speak with the manager she can't help me. I asked for the managers name and she would only give me his first name, Byron. Refused to give me his last name, his direct number or direct email. I asked her for her last name so I could advise who I've spoken to - she refused to give it to me. She claimed they only have the main telephone number, no one has direct lines and no one has emails except the main email I've already been given, that she was going to forward my complain email to Manager Byron's personal email. Finally I call on Wednesday morning at 9am when I was told the manager would be in and I got hung up on twice trying to get to a manager. Finally I got someone who was remotely polite, said I spoke with her earlier in the week. She put me on hold twice for a really long time and I asked just not to be hung up on. Finally she said he needed more time and asked I call her back. She gave me 1-800-269-3571 and said her name was Lee Green....She called me back later from a 916-405-0709 number and asked me to email in my receipt. So I went home from work and got the locksmith receipt as well as the contractors receipt. I emailed both receipts as well as a screen shot of the $100 charge on the bank account itself. She said she'd call me once she received the email - but I've heard nothing yet & I've called to reach her another 6+ times throughout the rest of the day - couldn't get a hold of her & she never returned my call.

I called back Thursday morning (day 4 of calling) and tried speaking with someone new, I got Kieth, he said he was the manager. Kieth said he saw my emails and needed to speak to the technicians supervisor and would call me back later. He didn't. I called him later in the afternoon. He finally told me that he wasn't going to have an answer for me today but he would call me first thing at 7am Friday. Friday came, 7:30am still no call, so I call & get Keith, he said he was right in the middle of something and couldn't pull my information up - but he would call me right back. It's now 9am and I'm calling them AGAIN, someone else answered - told me he's on a conference call and she would give him the message..... Keith finally called me back claiming the technician said my brother signed an acknowledgement that the door was going to break & he ok'ed it. He absolutely did not.

Keith finally agreed to refund the service fee. I get an email with a pdf that looks like my 7 year old niece put it together, no contact information, no letterhead, no company information AND calls them self "All Locksmith Service" instead of what their website says... "24 Locksmithing". The pdf also says the refunded amount is $15! Not the $100 they charged AND wants me to sign the form while is says:

"Once I receive the refund, I agree I will not have any more demands, requirements or complaints against the locksmith company or their employees.

In return for that payment I ________________ am prepared to execute a full and final release of any and all claims for the benefit of the locksmith company."


I emailed Keith back & he claims he told me $15 on the phone (he didn't) and said there was nothing else they could do besides $15!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $386.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Refund policy, Price, Website, Phone service, Customers attitudes, Business practice, Services.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #950696

I had a issue with this company as well. They took 1hour and 25 minute to get to me and said they will only be 25 minute's and the quote was 60 over the phone but when he got to my car it was 100.

24 Hr Locksmith Of California - 24 7 Services AKA 24 7 Locksmith Services This sham company sends shady predators to your home to profile and rob you

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Young, lone female with an internal bedroom door lockout at night. She called 24 7 Locksmith Services and promptly the rep showed up. All good so far.

The rep drilled the lock and talked her into a new lock (that didn't match the others in the house). Ok ok.15 minutes work, tacky new $10 lock...

Then he sprung her with the bill, $320 call out and $60 for the lock! No heads up. And she's even low income. Just pretty apparant he could get away with it from profiling her as a customer who wasn't familiar with what this would cost (more like $1-200 at the hiiighest end).

Shaken, he then said he would charge another $30 to use a credit card (web site says credit cards are welcome). Then he FOLLOWS HER in the night to an ATM. She withdrew the cash, he took it out her hand with NO RECEIPT and left. It was just like being mugged.

Follow up: the rep hangs up on my calls (408 4200181). I called 24 7 Locksmith Services about 20 times since and the supervisor has never there/in meetings/will call back/very busy or they just hang up. Emials go nowhere. It's a scam operation preying on vulnerable people in difficulties, sending round unethical reps who profile and exploit you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $380.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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